It’s not very hard to find things not happening in our lives that we wish were or things about us we wish could change. I don’t believe in denying insecurities, diseases or sicknesses we might have, or even a terrible circumstance life seems to have put us in. What I do believe is that God knows and cares about where we are right now, He knows who He made us to be, and Who He is creating us to be like. His faithfulness, truth, and power far surpass any mess we could find ourselves in. It’s important to acknowledge whatever hard thing is present in our life then gaining the perspective God has for it. Once we have His perspective then we can partner faith to what He has said and watch Him come through with His faithfulness. In doing so you take your eyes off of ourselves and place them on what He is capable of. I like to call is having a feast on His faithfulness! It’s intentionally feeding our minds with who He is and what He has said.

Through this blog you will find testimonies of how God has come through in other believers lives, weekly inspiration that encourages, and a monthly read that my hope is to equip you. It is a blog of feasting on the faithfulness of God in a world that can sometimes be hard with people around us who can seem even harder than the circumstances we face.

About the author

Leslie graduated Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in May of 2017 where she interned for Bill Johnson Ministries in her final year of schooling. Through this unique experience she was able to travel alongside Bill Johnson leading groups of students as ministry teams to conferences around America and the world. Attending BSSM, learning under heroes in the faith, and the encounters she has had with Jesus have shaped her value systems and has had a great influence on her writing. Leslie writes in hopes to equip the saints and lead them into the abundant life Christ offers to every believer.

Bless God.