Respond to Identity, Not Behavior

Train yourself to respond to identity and not behavior.

When we see people based on their identity and not their behavior we are seeing like the Father sees. God calls us His before ANY of our behavior lines up with being Christlike. When we do the same for people we help God remove lies they believe about themselves that usually manifest through their behavior verses speaking to behavior and adding more to the lies that cover that person’s identity.

Think of it like wearing a coat. You put it on to protect yourself from harsh outdoor conditions. Lies that we believe apart from who God created us to be are that coat. They are a false protector and keep us from experiencing real relationships, chasing our dreams, having overflowing joy, and even separate us from experiencing more of God. I’m not saying be superwoman or superman and try ripping off every layer a person has, but instead ask God for tools to train your eye to see people how He designed them even before they were formed in their mother’s womb. In doing so we are being Christ to the Earth and releasing Heaven’s culture over people when we respond in this way. It’s more than optimism and seeing the glass half full. It’s living with faith and calling forth identity in people until what you see with the eye of faith becomes the reality in that person’s life. Anyone can point out problems, but powerful faith-filled people see a problem and choose to be a part of the solution. Be the solution by responding to identity.


  • Take time with God and ask Him to show you how He sees you. Write it out and remind yourself everyday until you believe it! You’ll be much more fueled to see another person’s breakthrough when you know firsthand what God can do in you. (For further advice on this exercise feel free to contact me and I’ll personally coach you)
  • Invite Holy Spirit to “notify” you when there is an opportunity to train your eye to call out identity and not respond to behavior. (Ex: Someone may be incredibly unkind and your response could be to talk badly about them or say something back in the same manner. Before doing so stop and ask God how do you see that person and what is one thing I can say to them next time you see them that speaks to what He just said.)

Warning: In truly taking this seriously you might just find that when people encounter you they become a better version of themselves and want to know the God you serve. 

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