Testimony: More than a Mustache

I was on my way home from a ministry trip and was waiting to board my second flight when I noticed the massive mustache the guy in front of me had. In my delirium from a week of traveling and church ministry I leaned forward and said to the gentleman, “I mustache you how your day is going?” With clear enjoyment of my joke he responded and asked where I was coming from. I told him I was with a team ministering at a church where we saw people get healed and encounter God. He was amazed and to my surprise said, “if you saw people get healed do you think I could get healed?” I asked what was wrong and he told me he was stepped on by a bull and it messed him all up, but mostly it was his shoulder in pain. My jaw dropped when he said it because the night before when we ministered I had written down words of knowledge to share from the stage for people I felt God wanted to heal. I only shared two of the three I had written down for the sake of time that night, but the coolest thing was the one word of knowledge I did not share was this guys shoulder pain. I showed him I had written that down the night before and now I’m standing here in front of him. He was amazed that God would do that! I told him it just goes to show that not only does God want to heal you, but He wants you to know He personally knows you. He allowed me to pray for him and when he opened his eyes he said he felt such a lightness and so much peace in my presence as I prayed. His shoulder immediately felt better, but was going to give it time to test it because he had been in so much pain from it and still had another flight.

God is so great at being God! I love how personal God is to people. Not only did he want to heal this guy, but he wanted him to know he was on His mind. God used my silly personality to touch someone He loved and didn’t want in pain. I love that as believers we get to release His Presence of peace and the lightness He brings when burdens are lifted!

If you are needing boldness to step out and see God move, then why not try the great personality God chose to give you and see where it leads! God wants to show up more than you want him to. Be encouraged and know that the more time you spend with Jesus the more you begin carrying His Presence. Even if you don’t see the breakthrough you were hoping for, just know that leaving people with heavenly peace and lightness are really good things and still God showing up. Finally, if you have any shoulder pain take this testimony of pain leaving a shoulder and pray that God would do it again for you right now! If he would do it for a bull fighter standing in an airpor,t then He will surely do it for you.


More details about the power of the testimony found in the testimony section of my blog.

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